Now, I’m starting my IVGID blog where I will post the latest news concerning our GID.

Thank you to the one thousand six hundred and seventy voters who supported me in my run for IVGID Trustee.  Even though I did not get elected, I will continue to bring your concerns to the IVGID Board and use this site to keep you informed on IVGID activities that affect your wallets and your quality of life

It proved that our community really wants to know the candidates and the issues.  More than any other candidate, I openly shared my stand on issues, and did not hide any of my opinions in the hopes of garnering more votes.  The opinions expressed on this site, in my frequent guest columns, in my flyers and public comments are my own, and as I learned during my campaign, are shared by the vast majority of our community.

Judy has been an active participant in local government for some time . She regularly attends IVGID Board meetings and frequently comments on matters of concern. She has written numerous guest columns for the Bonanza, so many of you already are familiar with her desire for open, honest and transparent government.  As a Trustee, she will continue her efforts to listen to the community, learn the truth about IVGID’s financials, and lead our staff by giving clear direction to achieve those goals that are of highest priority to the residents and property owners of the district. Many of those priorities she has already heard from you are listed in the sidebar to the right: KEY OBJECTIVES.

With our busy lives, many of us don’t have a lot of time to focus on local government.  Trustees need to do more to engage as many citizens as possible and listen to what they want.  With so many forms of two-way communication available, there’s no excuse for not engaging the public.

Before we can make any decisions, we need to learn the facts.  Honest and complete information is essential.  Government does not always provide that to its citizens, so our Trustees need to do everything in their power to learn the truth and inform the public.

Elected officials need to deal with those issues that matter most to the residents and property owners.  They must take the lead so that longstanding issues are finally resolved.